Minimi Circus – Festival Patrona – 27th July 2017


Minimi Circus will perform during Festival Patrona in July.  In this interview we can get to know the artists and inspiration behind the circus arts.

Come along for the fun and have a go yourself – classes available.

The main preformance is – 27th of July – San Roque De Cumbaza.


Interview with Minimi Circus –

Tell me about yourself and your circus performance?

We are a couple from Spain my girlfriend is more focused in the fine arts and in love with the circus. I am a circus specialist in love with the visual arts.  We combine our corresponding creative methods to create a unique visual performance.  Our goal is to transmit our social values through performance.

What are your influences and inspiration?

Buster Keaton –

Flamenco music inspires me a lot, cultures of the world, nature and its four elements.   Art in general and especially the authentic, expressions from the soul.

What is important to you in your art and performance?

The personal evolution, the overcoming of fears, the collaboration of the public, the endless joy that contributes and the power to share it.  The fact that our work involves creativity in each step of our life, both daily and professionally.  Makes us feel alive, happily and realized.

What will you be preforming during Festival Patrona -27th July 2017?

“WOWMAN CABARET” a circus show with several disciplines, hula hoop, trapeze, juggling and some surprise, without missing a bit of danger and fun at the same time.   We always know how we will begin but never know how we will end.   Everything will depend on the space and the public.

Can you teach someone who wants to learn during Festival Patrona?

We can organize a workshop schedule, one of the 8 days.  So that anyone who wants to, can experiment and start in several of the circus disciplines.   Such as: juggling, acrobatics, aerial, vertical or balances on hands, hula hoop – to name part of the wide range we offer. We are very excited to share our experience. It is important to know that in a day course it is impossible to learn everything.   If you are serious about learning the circus arts, it requires a lot of dedication.

We will be there for some months and surely we can organize some circus workshops.

What do you like about Festival Patrona in San Roque De Cumbaza?

We like that the festival will be based on very strong values: to build local self-esteem, through sharing cultural values.   To promote – respect nature and that wonderful Jungle they have there.   Great reason why I return and I will return as many times as possible. We must protect the cultural diversity of the Peruvian Amazon, because it is a heritage of great value and keep their festivities in the traditional style.   Respecting the great treasure the jungle can be.  An important resource to protect and keep alive – as she keeps the rest of the world alive.


3 words to define the festival Patrona 2017?

Well I have two answers with three words each – #Hope #future #opportunity and #Respect our origin.

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