Festival Patrona July 23rd / 31st – 2017


When the music begins circulating the village (traditional Pandilla) and the rhythm enters your body, starting in the mornings at 6am, going on until the early hours, you can’t help but feel the need to celebrate, you feel connected to something special, drinks on the house, a mix of people dancing in the street, families from the indigenous communities, Tarapoto, Lima, eco-tourists and the artists of Sachaqa Centro De Arte. A crazy mix of people to share a crate of beer and laugh at dancing moves. Lovers fight, teenagers get drunk in front of their families, grown men and women run around a string holding a live duck, with chicha (traditional alcoholic drink made with fermenting spit) exploding in their faces. The Cumbia disco appears to go on all night for the mothers trying to sleep and when it stops the people call for more music, so the pandilla starts and you can follow the rhythms. Go to bed wake up and the party starts all over again.

Well that is the part of the festival I will enjoy. Daniel will be in the back houses watching the women cook, big pots of food, organising activities for the children, making sure artists have enough paint and the football team are ready to be announced. Ending parading in the streets with a pot of chicha on his head spraying the contents all over the people. Laughing and dancing, with the mix of party goes following, carrying chickens and barrels of bread, food to give to the helpers and the team for the year after. He loves this kind of organising the stuff that makes me want to drink chicha and dance with my eyes closed.
Calling for volunteers, artists and party people.


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