Javier Quintana B – audiovisual and photography

Javier Quintana lives in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza with his family.  Javier is the manager of ‘Chirapa Manta Ecolodge’ together with his wife and friends.   They offer a similar setting to ‘Sachaqa Centro De Arte’  with ecological style buildings and offer wellness experiences – in connection with nature.  Visitors experience a similar awakening as our Sachaqa guests, through living in direct contact with nature.   Inspiring a cleaner way of living, in harmony with our environment.  When we enter the Amazon Rainforest full of ancient trees and clean rivers – we begin to feel the layers strip away.


Chirapa Manta Ecolodge – yoga temple

Javier reminds us to see the beauty in all that nature has to offer.  You will often see him looking intensely, in deep concentration – at a tree, an insect or the sky.  He reminds us to see the beauty in all people.  His love and care shine through in his work, in every way.

Through this interview, we hope you can get to know Javier Quintana a little better.   His intentions are genuine and his work is truly inspiring.

Trina Lerner Brammah

Behind the scenes at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge – Yoga Detox – with Patricia

 Interview with Javier Quintana B –

What is ‘Producciones Conscientes’ conscious production?

We are an independent production company created with the intention of producing audio-visual material; films, documentaries and still photography.

The objective is to promote the conservation – of ancestral traditions, natural resources and biodiversity.   Featuring both the high Amazon and the Andean highlands.

Using the art of still photography and video making, to reach more people and sensitize them. People in the cities can’t love, appreciate and understand – what they have never seen.  We want to reach people that have no opportunity or interest in traveling to these areas.  To transform our present understanding of rural Amazonian and Andean life and present the realities.

Children playing in the pure waters of a waterfall.  In the communities of the Lower Huallaga.  as honoring and celebrating the clean springs.  A jungle free of contamination.
Lower huallaga River achinamiza community, the beautiful village of skilled Amaonian fisherman.  The clouds threaten with the arrival of a rainstorm.

What drives you to make documentary films?

I am passionate about telling stories through images. To show conservation stories through various subjects such as; ancestral healing (plant medicine,) ancient customs – life stories and ecological /sustainable projects.

Our goal is to inspire the viewer to believe in something superior – as the beauty of our landscapes become sacred, indigenous Cosmo-Vision respected and all the fine detail of creation – flora, fauna, insects, and wildlife are seen in all its glory.

I am inspired by real stories and the people that one gets to know throughout life in the Amazon rainforest.  Especially stories related to our relationship and direct link with the earth. Those are the stories I’m trying to tell.

Yuracyacu waterfall, one of the watersheds feeding the Sunipi Kausani waterfall in the Cordillera Escalera.  Headwaters of the Rio Cumbaza.


What have you learned from working with young people from the village of San Roque de Cumbaza – short documentaries for local TV?

Thanks to the Municipalidad ( local government) of San Roque for their support and for the opportunity to develop this project.  It was very gratifying to find young leaders from a high Jungle community, interested in video as a communication tool.  It was amazing to receive such a positive and enthusiastic response from these young, eager students.    I really enjoyed being able to give them the opportunity.   Teach a little about a new profession far removed from their reality.

They learned what pre-production work was – elaboration of an idea and about creating a script.   Then how to record and film their own project and the subsequent edition or post-production of the work.

We titled the project “Rescatando lo Nuestro”/ “Rescuing Our Own”, where the group of students finally create 4 chapters of a 50-minute local television report.

Tell me about “Hijos del Rio Luna”, who else was involved in this documentary?

This documentary is a Production with a format of Ethnographic Record and approaches the history of Arabela culture.   An Amazonian culture that is still alive but in danger of disappearing.  The two largest communities, Flor de Coco and Buenavista, concentrate 95% of the Arabelas in Peru and this is where this documentary was filmed.

This work was elaborated in conjunction with the resolution of indigenous subject’s team, of Repsol Company. Led by the environmentalist and photographer Nicolas Gomes, accompanied by the investigations of the anthropologist Carla Tamagno and with the music of Herbert Quinteros.

What are your future projects?

I’m working on making a Docufiction (documentary-fiction) film that covers a large part of the north-eastern jungle. An Amazonian road trip that will find many surprises. This will be a spiritual and personal journey of two young boys, searching deeply for the purpose of life.   Finding themselves involved in a series of adventures and deep spiritual experiences, changing their life and beliefs. It will be a transformation movie.

What do you like about San Roque De Cumbaza?

I like the peace you can find in the silence of nature – which at the same time brings music to my ears.  The River Cumbaza, a clean and friendly river that refreshes us every day. The green mountains are full of life.   The kind – cheerful energy of local people, make San Roque a unique place.

Under a beautiful starry night in the presence of the constellation of the Pleiades.  At the majestic queen of waterfalls Toroyacu, Sunipikausani.



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