Minimi Circus – Festival Patrona – 27th July 2017

Minimi Circus will perform during Festival Patrona in July. In this interview we can get to know the artists and inspiration behind the circus arts.

Come along for the fun and have a go yourself – classes available.

The main preformance is – 27th of July – San Roque De Cumbaza.

Javier Quintana B – audiovisual and photography

Our goal is to inspire the viewer to believe in something superior – as the beauty of our landscapes become sacred, indigenous Cosmo-Vision respected and all the fine detail of creation – flora, fauna, insects and wildlife seen in all its glory.

Sian Luxford – medicinal plants

My artwork ‘Herbal Designs’ are a combination of herbal medicine and botanical pattern. This is formed by replicating the remedies as a design.
I’ve created a set of Amazonian tinctures from local plants, which remain at the center. Please try them if you are visiting Sachaqa.

Festival Patrona 2017 – Amazonian Cinema – 23rd – 26th of July

• Strengthen intercultural relations between the Amazon and the different regions of the country.
• Promote an Amazonian conscience through films and documentaries and a link with the reality that is lived in the jungle.
• Create a space for reflection of reality in different places in the jungle.

Interview with Trina Lerner Brammah by Sachaqa resident Mercedes Llanos

The art center has evolved and grows, as Daniel and I grow. Also every artists that visit, in some way help to shape the art center – make it what it is. Everyone comes to the jungle – Amazon rainforest – looking for answers and looking for healing. The Amazon rainforest draws a special type of person. Especially in these changing times.

Interview with writer Suzie Brzezinska -March 2017

As a child I was so imaginative and fanciful. Along the way I lost that and became analytical and pragmatic. Life, realities and fears of having to be responsible took over. Fanciful imaginings were an embarrassment in my academic adult world and felt self-indulgent.

Sachaqa has created an environment that nurtures and celebrates creativity, which was liberating.