Minimi Circus – Festival Patrona – 27th July 2017

Minimi Circus will perform during Festival Patrona in July. In this interview we can get to know the artists and inspiration behind the circus arts.

Come along for the fun and have a go yourself – classes available.

The main preformance is – 27th of July – San Roque De Cumbaza.

Javier Quintana B – audiovisual and photography

Our goal is to inspire the viewer to believe in something superior – as the beauty of our landscapes become sacred, indigenous Cosmo-Vision respected and all the fine detail of creation – flora, fauna, insects and wildlife seen in all its glory.

Sian Luxford – medicinal plants

My artwork ‘Herbal Designs’ are a combination of herbal medicine and botanical pattern. This is formed by replicating the remedies as a design.
I’ve created a set of Amazonian tinctures from local plants, which remain at the center. Please try them if you are visiting Sachaqa.