An artists journey – Charlotte Jolly

Charlotte Jolly from New-Zealand – artist of Sachaqa Centro De Arte – October 2017.

This year we have had a really steady flow of dedicated artists staying at Sachaqa.  Charlotte was one of many who set up in the studio ready to go in the first few hours of landing into the jungle.  She was there everyday, in the morning and after breakfast until nightfall.  Such an amazing atmosphere in the studio.  I wanted to share with you all these artists and invite you into their creative journey – which has inspired me so much.

These are the words of Charlotte Jolly and artwork created during her one month residency.

Trina Brammah

The intricacies of taking responsibility for all that I say and do has been something that has plagued me.

I’ve manifested a hyper awareness of the way my actions influence those around me. Finding a way to live that I feel both aware of my impact on others and the earth and ethically satisfied – seems to be too greater task. This has filtered down into my art practice.

Every image carries a connotation. Whether it is just colours, shapes and
lines or more familiar figurations and forms, our brains associate new images with old
ones, threading together contexts, memories, and feelings, to shape the way we view
things. I often feel nauseous thinking about the responsibility of the artist, all images carry such strong a diverse connotations, it’s impossible to be aware of all the potential
impacts an image can have.


Bombarded with a world of images

It’s an interesting lens to look through because when you start finding meaning in every tiny detail it simultaneously makes it all seem very meaningless. Today in Western Culture we are bombarded with imagery all the time: TV, film, art, signs, posters, cars, product packaging, internet, books, clothing, billboards, media, so many subtleties impacting our world view, how could we be aware of them all!
Advertisements with their gross subliminal messages, preaching capitalist ideals and
beauty standards, it’s bordering on brainwash!


Traveling a fresh pallet of inspiration

The jungle was my peak of disassociation from the culture, serving as a platform to look back and reflect on the path that had lead me here.
The two months leading up to my arrival at Sachaqa had been a luxurious, indulgent
whirlwind. I’d quit my job and flown to Buenos Aires with a backpack and no plan.  Creatively these months served as a slow cooker for my ideas. Instead of creating images, I was taking them in at rapid pace, processing and contemplating them with fresh eyes and island time. The removal of the English language meant my visual world was stripped of context and literal meaning, leaving just lines, colours and vague familiarity. Looking at day to day posters, illustrations, labels, art, etc. and being able to dissect the formal elements in complete separation from the conceptual elements was an intriguing insight into modern imagery. I was particularly interested in Brazilian comic characters and the energies found in different fonts. I found this to be hugely influential on how my paintings ended up.

In the moment of creation there wasn’t a lot of planning or thought, the paintings are extensions of my sketchbook.

I’ve always been interested in opposites and juxtapositions, and how an idea can take a
different form when placed next to a seemingly unrelated one. I sometimes think my
entire personality fits into two dichotomous pockets. I’m a slow-processing , sensitive
dreamer and a fast-paced, careless, mess-creating spill of paint.


It’s been a chaotic yet precise smoosh of collected images, and colours.

Familiar forms alongside abstracted forms. Sarcasm and comical silliness next to dark depictions of modern humanity and excessive consumption. Segments of emotional
rampage next to somewhat trivial graffiti styled texts…. the juxtaposition of scribbly
abstract lines and forms next to semi-realist human forms, the segments of text scattered
like broken parts of conversations or poetry, the nonsensical bubble writing, all the
workings purposely left in-no mistakes just changes in plan, perfect and horrendous all in one…


Coming back to the idea of images having impact on world view, these paintings work for me as a timeline of individual being:

I see pastel colours from Buenos Aires and Brazil, Monica the star of a Brazilian cartoon strip I got compared to and other cartoons from my childhood, graffiti picked up from the streets of Montevideo and Dunedin, leaves, pigments and patterns from the jungle, doodles from my high school textbooks, recreations of snapchat screenshots of my beautiful hungover gal pals back home, moments from distant childhood memories and dreams, sarcasm and attempted comical stupidness, diamonds and pak ‘n’ save, the thread of universal causation that keeps the world moving… The beauty and horror that makes up living.



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