Exhibitions in the Amazon Eye

We have developed a stream of unique exhibiting opportunities and artists staying at ‘Sachaqa Centro De Arte’ are encouraged to participate.  Our future events and festivals will be organised under the platform name ‘Ojo Amazonico’ Amazon Eye.


Installation art in a jungle village context –

It is quite a different experience for artists from different parts of the world: South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, USA, Brazil, and Argentina etc exhibiting in such a unique setting, different from anything they have experienced before.  Tarapoto in general has very little in terms of art galleries and art education.  Cultural activities are minimum.

The work we are doing is of great importance for youth groups. Who quite often never have seen an art exhibition and quite possibly never will.  There is a small art scene in Tarapoto born out of mural art.  Which is very impressive. The artists are mostly trained in graphic design.  Mural art in the area is thought provoking with conscientious and environmental themes.

Muralizacion Nacional

It is confusing for artists from outside of Peru normally connected to big cities which encourages cultural activities.   It is easy to get used to the art spectator having a general understanding and a sympathy for different art languages and styles.

Artists often are confused when the art spectator in a small jungle village, find their art scary and intimidating.  Finding it awkward to interact with these alien art forms.

The objects used in a piece of art are to a jungle farmer, a gift to be made useful.  It is common for Sachaqa artists to lose objects used in sculpture and installation art.  Local people are very confused about the artwork western people make.  They wonder why artists are throwing away useful objects.

To me this is an interesting concept.   Artists from western cities – having the opportunity to make art exhibitions and installations in a third world village.   In a community that uses everything.  There is not so much waste, not so much abuse of objects – this is not a throw away culture.

I’m not talking major break INS, we don’t have that issue.  I’m talking small useful objects that appear discarded, left in the garden, a dog bowl for example.  Will be made useful.  Plastic bottles are used, glass jars, old cloths, rope, string, plastic bags, discarded broken toys, all can be made useful here.  We are so used to a throwaway society that we forget that we are discarding useful objects.

It is hard to get a community that lives to survive to understand the value of making useful objects into art.

OBSERVATORY / Jose Carlos Rvera
Installation on the ruins of an old bridge over the Cumbaza river, Peruvian Amazon. Wood from the broken bridge, pretina ( local weaving used to carry goods ), handmade yute rope.
Escape-Space for the memory, experience and exceed the real limits and its boarders. Behold an ephemeral element, recycled from its own ruin. A toy towards thought, a moment of childhood beauty, a flash. A life in movement. 
*The original installation was destroyed when a local man walked out during the night to the center of the decomposing bridge in order to retrieve the weaving’s.https://www.josecarlosrivera.net/

So what is the importance for artists from the outside to exhibit in a small jungle village?

As an artist I have found these local exhibitions very important for my visual growth.  after many years of living here my work communicates more innocence and longs to talk to my Quechua Lamista neighbors.  Which gives the work its mark, into new territory.  Of course it is not important how the people of San Roque interact with the work.  But a bloody good lesson in communication.  What do the innocent eyes, experiences and art interaction with jungle farmers actually give to a western artist?

Trina Lerner Brammah – mural for Festival Patrona ‘Ojo Amazonia’ July 2017 – Myths and Legends.  Local people believe in mermaids.

Art using ancient techniques and ritual –

Eileen Ryan from the USA –  had a very interesting experience.  She had placed ceramic bowls, which are common place in the jungle –  In an exhibition with the label   ‘Please write your wishes on one piece of paper and on another write anything in your life you are ready to let go of.’  The idea was to burn the messages together.    It was too abstract for local adults to grasp that idea.  But the local children who have such magical imaginations, actually believed that their wishes would come true and could get rid of issues in their life they wanted to let go of.  It was very powerful for them.  It didn’t happen how Eileen had imagined but it happened in a spontaneous way.  Which is disappointing at the time, but of great worth for the development of changing the structure of the western thinking and allowing that organic spontaneity happen.  Magic!

Eileen Ryan – Cultural Organization of Lowell – Escape Spaces



I realized that I had to make the communication in their way, and that was one of the most priceless lessons I have learned –

So there is a gift to be shared in these events.  It is not until the artists leave disappointed and have time to think about their experience.  That the realization happens.  This unique experience, completely out of the comfort zone – Changed my life.  It was not what I expected to happen, it was so much more.


Festival Elimentos: Aire, October 2016.   Kappa Tseng Yen-Ting – Taiwan.  Bread Installation.

Artist Experience – Yenting ‘Kappa’ TSENG

Performance and Installation- Taiwan- September and October 2016.

I was thinking about how my art can engage to the real life of people at that time. My two months in Sachaqa Centro De Arte was a precious experience, it included the residency within the jungle to the village and traveling around the mystery Peru. During the journey, I observed how varied people lived with the varied nature, toughly and gratefully. They all reminded me what the importance of life is. At Festival Elemento Aire, I felt honour that I had a chance to do something for the villagers whose lives were beautiful and complete without any art from outer world. I realized that I had to make the communication in their way, and that was one of the most priceless lessons I have learned.



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