Interview with Fiesta Uma – DJ of Festival Patrona, San Roque De Cumbaza – 30th of July, 2017

When ‘Fiesta Uma’ is in town you know there is a big party waiting to happen.  The music is a part of him.  Always listening, thinking, and playing music.  What’s interesting about his DJ music is the mix of influences.  He is from the city of Lima, yet has lived in Germany and is always visiting different parts of Peru – with its many indigenous styles and musical inspiration.

Friends of Fiesta Uma –

Martin Gomez MoraChirapa Manta Eco-lodge, San Roque De Cumbaza

‘Iiiiiiichhh …… Generation … ..Hijiji’

Ana Platzer – Backpacker Colibri – Tarapoto

‘I think Josue could make San Roque dance.’

Sergio Cordallo –  Painter/artist from Lima 

‘Fiesta Uma puts you to Dance si or si!’

Harry Chavez – artist mixed media from Lima

‘All night long con Fiesta Uma.’

Javier Quintana – Chirapa Manta Ecolodge – San Roque de Cumbaza

‘Josue Vilchez’ is definitely a great percussionist, who will create the magic in any live band.  But if dancing and fun is what you are looking for – Fiesta Uma (DJ stage name) is your man.   His mission will always be to keep every party – jumping on the dance floor. We are very happy to have him in San Roque, mixing his best tracks – Festival Patrona 2017.  We are sure it will be an unforgettable night for both locals and visitors.’


Interview with Fiesta Uma –

Tell me a little about your musical career?

Well my musical career began at the age of 12 when my Dad bought me a drum set since then I have not stopped making music.   First as a drummer, later as a DJ.

I have had a band in Germany and several in Peru.

At this moment I play with my band called ‘Los Conchas Negras.’

I’m a DJ of several discotheques in Lima.

What are your musical influences?

In truth my musical influences are very varied from; Huayno, Drum and Bass, Punk, Hip Hop, Soul ETC ETC.

Everything that is well done, in my opinion, I like.

What music will you play at the Patrona festival?

I will play some digital Cumbia and what I feel – at that moment.

 What do you like about the festival Patrona?

I like that it is the festival Patronal of San Roque, to which I love, and of course Daniel is my friend and organizing it.

You have visited San Roque many times, what is it that attracts you?

I am attracted to the local people, the tranquillity and nature that surrounds it.

What is important to you in your music?

It is important to be able to get people out of their day to day life and try to take them on a journey through the frequencies and sounds.

No DJ set is the same – as the other.  Everything happens at that time and according to the energy.

3 words to describe the Patrona festival?

#Union  #Happiness  #Friendship



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