Interview with street artist- Sergio Cordiero

Sergio Cordiero: Street-artist, painter from São Paulo, Brazil.

‘I love the universe of Women’

Art throughout time has celebrated women. Painters like Picasso, Klimt, Egon, Scheile, Da Vinci, made women their focal point time and again. So why is modern man so afraid to approach the subject?
Women, in all their femininity, should be more relevant than ever in artistic expression. They say the time has come for women to take over. Millions of women rallied against their president in America on January 21st, 2017, in one of the largest demonstrations in US history.
Sergio celebrates women in his street art, feeling compelled to communicate their beauty and power.  He visits India regularly, a place where women are depicted in their full glory, powerful and enchanting, on the walls of busy streets and public places. One thing is sure, Sergio himself is not afraid to speak of women, for women. He is not too shy to be our advocate. Expressing – strength, in the big hair he paints.

Street artists reflect the times in their art, speaking to the world about the world. Not quite as affected as gallery art, street art appeals to a larger audience, a form of social media that’s powerful in its simplicity.
We felt really privileged to have such an interesting graffiti artist from brazil staying at Sachaqa. Moments in time spent with the group of July 2016 are too precious to lose and I feel part of my role as host is to try and share these moments with the world.


Trina Lerner Brammah


‘The Stoned Lady,’ Goa, India

Interview with Sergio Cordiero –

How has being part of a residency in the Amazon rainforest effected your art practise?

My purpose for going to Sachaqa was to be with myself, to get deeper into my work.  It was so unique to be so engulfed and surrounded by nature. I had a totally different rhythm waking up early with the sun and going to bed with the stars.  The fresh air and being surrounded by plants and animals, was so inspiring.  It felt like such a sacred and spiritual place, where there were no excuses and nowhere to run from myself.

The theme of our group exhibition during festival Patronal 2016, was Fire, ‘ Elementos:Fuego’.  I really went into this element which is by nature cleansing and assisted my spiritual process even further.  There was a real breakthrough in my work, a time of transition.

The local people were so kind hearted which was 50% of why I had such an enriched experience and there are no words to say how it felt like to be part of this community.  I have travelled all around the world, but for the first time was so touched by the place and the people, that I couldn’t stop crying on the way home, a really strong experience.

After I came home my work was deeply moved by nature and began to appear in my painting, as though nature was breaking through the image, growing out of the surface, effecting my dreams, becoming part of every waking consciousness.


“Concrete garden” São Paulo, Brazil

Who are the artists that influence your work?

Salvador Dali and Gustav Klimt.  The Street Art movement in São Paulo artists such as: Os Gemeos (Brasil), Stephan Doitschinoff (Brasil), Aryz (spain), Etam Cru (Poland) The colors of Brazilian popular culture is integrated into my work also.

What is the art scene like in Brazil?

Street art is really big in São Paulo, because there are so many big concrete walls, lots of places for the artists to work, a diverse canvas on every street.    The government are always trying to cut the street art movement here, which is a shame as it is the heart of the city.

What are the themes of the street artists in São Paulo?

Many topics, but my favourites are when people make jokes about the system, political issues, nature, play on words and inspirational stories.  It can effect someone’s day in the grey city, when you can pass a great piece of art every morning on your way to work.

The female figure dominates your work, why is that?

I was raised in a family of women, with three grandmas, several aunties, three sisters, I was always with women, even when I left home and at school I felt  more connected to women, my girlfriend also is a very strong, amazing woman.

I love the universe of women, so complex, and open with their feelings, not like us men who are closed up.


“A casa da ladeira” – São Paulo

What are you doing now? What projects are you working on?

In 2016 I was part of a group exhibition that celebrated ‘100 years of Samba music.’  I am repeating the same subject this year and will exhibit a big collection of my work.

Through word of mouth alone people are now commissioning my art, to make street murals and paint inside apartments.  I was part of a big festival in Brazil last year that gave me many contacts.

How did it feel to be part of festival Patrona?

Amazing! After painting in the studio for a month it was a relief and felt exciting to have completed a series of work I felt really happy with.  The exhibition and festival was an extra enhancement.   It was near the end of my stay and perfect to celebrate with the Sachaqa community friends and San Roque local community.  We danced so hard to Big Music (good music,) such a strong community vibe.  Ecstasy, so much ecstasy to think back and remember this time.

The small traditional events happening throughout the week were also a treat; such as paper lanterns the local school children had made and carried at night-time through the streets, with love heart shapes, houses and flower designs.  On the last night Daniel carried a pot of chicha on his head as we paraded the streets, symbolic for carrying responsibility for the event next year.  We all felt humbled and invited into this family village, screaming and laughing as Daniel spilled the chicha on our cloths as we walked through the streets.  I loved circulating the dance floor (traditional dance) almost running we were going so fast and everyone bumping into each other laughing.  Everything was so intense and incredible.

I felt part of the community and a big part of my heart remains there.   Carrying with me always the essence in my life and work ‘love in community.’

3 words to describe your experience at festival Patrona 2016?

# community #love #happiness

Festival Patrona 2016  – exhibition Elementos:Fuego


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