3 Interviews -Svenja Hohlt- Artists January 2017

Our first group in 2017 which I will be discussing are three female artists, Nora Teichert who was with us for three months, Svenja Hohlt one month and kyra Sacks two weeks.

Included is a brief summary of the artist and an interview.

Trina Lerner Brammah


Svenja Hohlt

Painter and make/up artist for films and theater, from Germany, Osnabruck currently living in Larnaca, Cyprus.

14 years ago I took part in an artist-in-residence and post graduate program at the Cyprus College of Art.  This residency changed my life and is the reason why I started my own here in Peru.   Svenja was advised by a close friend and fellow student of the Cyprus College of Art to come to Peru, learn about painting with natural pigments and focus on her art.
Svenja tells me over and over she is not an artist, when you meet Svenja you will think to yourself  ‘she is an artist,’ the way she exists in her own way, without convention, not so interested in fitting in with the world around her, she is one on her own, a butterfly with uniquely designed wings.  Svenja was hungry to paint when she first came to Sachaqa, as working as a hotel interior designer for themed events etc. leaves her with hardly any time for her own work.  So as soon as she purchased canvas in the city of Tarapoto, 4  frames were stretched ready in a day.  Not an artist indeed!
So hungry to paint, and the work flows out of her, in a similar way to Nora Teichert. Feelings and internal images trying to find their way to the canvas, with an urgency, as though her spirit can’t wait any longer to express itself.

Svenja mixed the naturally found pigments with linseed oil which takes time and patience to prepare.  This piece was created using 80% found pigments.  After that I think she was too concerned with not having enough time, with so much inner communication to be shared, she reverted back to bought colors.   For someone who is not an artist I think there is something in these painting, something that goes beyond just an image,  the figures feel ancient, maybe personalities hidden in another realm.

Trina Lerner Brammah

‘Butterflies are always attracted to me’

Interview with Svenja –

Why come to a residency in the Amazon Rainforest?
The Amazon to me is life giving, it is creation itself.  I’m fascinated with the way indigenous groups live integrated with their natural environment, they have the knowledge.  Whereas in the Western counties we are always working against this natural ecosystem, which leaves us detached from nature.
The jungle enabled me to disconnect from the Western reality and connect with nature again, giving me the time to focus on painting.

How was it for you living at Sachaqa?
Relaxing, healing, healthy and connected.  The artists are like minded and great to get to know.  Daniel and Trina are inspirational.

How did the other artists influence you?
It was great to meet Artists who work in different mediums and facinating to learn how different people think about art.  Good to see other people’s creative process, open chats in the communal house, deep conversations, no one is there to impress,  people are real and relationships are open.

How did you find the natural pigments and paper making program?
For me it was a breakthrough, to learn new possibilities in painting. To discover the pigments for myself, in the rivers and paths.   I will defiantly continue looking when I get back to Cyprus.  I love the natural paper too and would love for Daniel to send me more when I get back home.

Grinding pigments, ready to mix with Linseed oil.

How was your experience in Chazuta?
Amazing! Edilberto (Rio Bosque Magico, artisanal chocolate) was such a great person to meet.  It was educational to learn how his family are able to live from nature, collect natural medicines and food, from their own garden.  It was thought provoking to hear people’s visions and ideas, the ceramic artisans were so passionate.

How will your time at Sachaqa effect your creative process when you get home?          The knowledge of the natural pigments, I can now integrate into my artwork.  Trina said one day something that really inspired me, she said ‘art doesn’t have to be beautiful just let it flow out of you ‘ this changed my ideas on creating artwork purely for others as I guess this has always been my career to create work that pleases others.

Can you give me three words to describe your Sachaqa experience?

#healing  #self-connecting  #exciting


Nora Teichert     Kyra Sacks 

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