3 Interviews -Nora Teichert- Artists January 2017

It is 7pm and the energy in the studio is very productive.  All the artists are in a flow, hungry to keep painting, in a panic as they know that soon they will have to break off to go back home or move on their way.

Our first group in 2017 are three female artists, Nora Teichert who was with us for three months, Svenja Hohlt one month and kyra Sacks two weeks.


Nora Teichert

Visionary Illustrator and Travel Blogger from Germany, currently living in Peru.

Nora has been here the longest she is used to the jungle sounds and has forgotten about the Mosquitos.  As a travel blogger she has to reach deadlines and work on her laptop in the ‘big house’ Sachaqa communal house.   Nora studied Tourism at university and writes for a well known travel blog, which is now in print called Info-Peru.  Nora is at home working here next to the kettle, on the large table or sometimes tucked up in bed where she can feel undisturbed.   The Internet works really well at the centre so she is able to work without too many issues.  If she has to download anything she can go to the city (40 mins drive) and spend a day in the internet cafes.  You can feel Nora in deep concentration behind her laptop, we know she is hungry to get back into the studio to paint.

Dreams and images flow from a place deep within her, always awaiting to be made visible on paper.   Her colours and designs are intriguing, feminine in a beautiful way.  She expresses herself in words on a daily basis, it is the same way for her now in images.  The same creative process but somehow shifting from the descriptive word to the land of feeling, discovery and internal adventure.

Article about Sachaqa in Info-Peru

Trina Lerner Brammah


Interview with Nora-

Why did you choose an artist retreat in the Amazon Rainforest?

I came to Sachaqa in search of creativity, as a digital nomad blogger I needed the space and time to focus on my work and creative art without any distractions.

Sachaqa is a great place to work and the fact it is situated in the rainforest, provided plenty of inspiration, nature, culture, legends, spiritual healing, far away from the usual distractions, providing a space where I could connect with myself.

Why was Sachaqa a spiritual place for you?

The connection with nature; you are forced to spend time with it, forced to deal with the intense noises, so much energy…. natural energy….feels really good, you are connected to the soul of the forest.  Nature grounds you, opening the door to the spiritual process, a type of meditation.


How was it for you living at the art centre for so long?

I found my time at Sachaqa a really peaceful, quiet, simple (because of the dry compost toilets etc,) cosy and minimalistic. It’s not like a hotel but a place where I could be more creative, because once I let go of all materialistic things, I could let the energy of creativity flow.  An opportunity to look inside rather than looking on the outside.

How did the other artists influence you?

I never studied Fine Art at University so this was my first experience to surround myself with other artists.  I realise I am not alone with my fears of not being good enough, fears of how to make a living through my art, wondering who is going to care about it, as all artists face similar issues.  It was really nice to talk, support and help one another and great to meet so many artists who work with different mediums, sculptors, painters, a writer, illustrator, and a ceramic artist. This inspired me so much to be around other ways of creating.

Can you give me three words to describe your Sachaqa experience?

#simplicity #inspiration #support



Svenja Halht      Kyra Sacks

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